Samuel Breed made this website.

I am working on an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that pools fees into a distributed, ICO-backed payout model. Coming soon.

Howdy! I'm @sambreed. I make user experiences, software, and questionable decisions on the internet. More specifically, I am this website.

Here are some things I've been thinking about recently:

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  2. How to make a static blog with Next.js 3
  3. Tragic Design is...
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  5. Protect Your Browsing History with DNSCrypt
  6. Why I Read What I Read in 2016
  7. Lessons from The Jerk
  8. Picking up the pieces; or How I learned to stop worrying and embrace weird metaphors
  9. Making things for fun
  10. 2016 Reading List

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Or if none of that is enough and you have some questions, drop me a line at [email protected]