Samuel Breed 1

[email protected] pgp 🔐

Product Engineer2

Work Experience:

  1. Credit Karma 2015—present
    • Staff Engineer3

    In the fall of 2015 I joined Credit Karma as the technical lead for the front-end web team. Under my direction, the front-end teams have created web applications responsible for hundreds of millions of pageviews.

    Notable Projects

    • 2017:
      • Credit Cards team tech lead 💳
      • Launch Node.js server side rendering platform 🖼
    • 2016:
      • Re-brand and site-wite redesign launch 🚀
      • Create private npm to CDN deploy pipeline 📦
      • Credit Karma Canada launch 🇨🇦
      • Mobile Web launch 📲
    • 2015:
      • Launch Credit Karma's first server rendered React app
      • Adopt private npm and a modular front end architecture
  2. Quick Left 2009—2015
    • Co-founder
    • Lead Developer
    • General Manager, Product

    In 2009 I co-founded the Boulder, Colo. software consultancy Quick Left. Over the next 6 years, I led the business in various roles as we grew from a modest 2-person operation to a team of more than 40 spanning four offices. We specialized in building products, solving deep technical challenges and worked with companies ranging from small startups to the top of the Fortune 500.4

    After departing in 20155, I remained on the Board of Directors to see through the 2016 sale to the global consulting firm Cognizant.


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