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Tragic Design is…

When an app lets you accidentally enter a zip code instead of a full address and still completes your order. Optimizing for click-throughs, I guess?

uber eats it

This was too boring for a tweet and now I want to find more examples. Then I made some tweets.

The following was adapted using Darius Kazemi’s wonderful new alternative to twitter moments™, spooler.

A thread by very un-dude (that’s me)

Why do twitter & instagram go out of their way to make it impossible to either right click or drag images out of the browser to save? I mean I know why but it fucking sucks.[1] It’s a god damn browser feature that you have to go out of your way to obscure. Web devs: push back![2]

Twitter stop spending time fucking up built in features. The contents of an <img> tags aren’t DRM’ed (yet), here’s to hoping they never are.[3] I should not have to do this to save silly images, you shitheels![4]